Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday run

I ran a (seemingly) quick 5.25 mile run yesterday afternoon. This was the shortest run I’ve ran in awhile. For the most part I’ve been keeping my regular runs at 8 miles. I enjoy those, but I feel I need to change things up a bit. Not every run has to be that long. I’m thinking that throwing in some shorter runs while help better with recovery, so that when I do the 8 mile run, I’ll perform better.

It felt good to do something somewhat shorter. Because the run was shorter, it also gave me more time to do some jump-roping before and after my run as a warm u and cool down, as well as some core work. Both the jump-roping and the core workouts have kept my running more interesting and have subtly improved my running. The jump-roping in particular has made my right Achilles tendon feel much better; it no longer aches like it has been doing for the past 6 months. Though that aching was not too frequent, it was enough to make me think that a larger injury could be looming. I’m still monitoring it, but I’m less worried now because it is feeling stronger.

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