Sunday, September 6, 2009

Water, water, everywhere

I will probably be posting links to the New York Times’ “Well” blog because, frankly, it is awesome, and is the type of blog I would do if I had the time and resources. This past summer and this fall they have had a lot of entries on running and marathons as many of their contributors will be participating in the NYC Marathon this November.

Their most recent post is on hydrating when running, particularly while training for a marathon. I have found this more relevant recently because I have not been a fan of drinking during running, but I have started being more intention when hydrating during runs. This is definitely a consequence of having been very active during Seattle’s hottest summer on record: I trained for and completed the Seattle to Portland Bike ride and the SeaFair Sprint Triathlon this summer, and during all this training, I started noticing that I needed water much more than I thought. On the first day of the STP, I went the first 50 miles without a water-bottle on me, and I suffered for it. I’ve also noticed that I was sweating more during my runs, even when it was cooler outside, which added to the feeling of thirst.

As the weather changes, perhaps I’ll return to not needing as much hydration during running; I’ll be interested to see. But as always, I will follow the advice that is mentioned in the article, which tells us to listen to what the body wants when it wants it ("Train yourself to drink to thirst").

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